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The Backspin Tee is designed to change the way a hitter looks at the baseball or softball. Practicing the proper location to strike the ball is essential.

All line drives are hit in the air, which means the contact point was made on the bottom half of the ball. THIS IS WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE! To be a line drive hitter, you have to hit the bottom half of the ball.

You want optimal contact, for optimal distance and MORE LINE DRIVES, and our batting tee is how you get it. You don’t want to chop down on our tee, and you certainly don’t want to uppercut. This tee will guide your eyes and your feel to where you need to be to get “On Path, Bottom Half”. Just keep your eye on the ball, and let the Backspin Tee do the rest.

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Professional Awards & Reviews

Love it. We talk so much about being on plane with proper launch angles. This is a great visual before having to swing in a live game.

Alan ZinterSan Diego Padres Hitting Coach

I’ve never seen anything like it. It seems more natural to hit this way.

Matt KempMLB All-Star & MVP

This is the first tee I have ever ran across that conditions my swing to stay in my legs, which is imperative for a hitter who wants to stay on the ball.

Matt NokesMLB All-Star & Silver Slugger Winner

We were fortunate enough to use the backspin Tee during our championship season in the American Association.

Kevin HooperManager Wichita Wingnuts 2014

This is exactly what pro hitters talk about doing while hitting. Hitting the right part of the ball to get more line drives.

Boots DayHitting Coach Evansville Otters 2014

It’s the best baseball batting tee I have ever seen. It just makes sense.

Chris MiyakeManager Lincoln Saltdogs 2012

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Fact: The true center of the ball is lower after being thrown. The ball is coming down with gravity. Pictured above is a 90 mph fastball for your comparison.

Note: The stationary middle of the ball (what most people think is the middle) will never lead to line drives over the infield. The bottom half of a stationary ball actually includes the actual middle of the ball.