How does the ball hold in the cone?

We don’t use suction. We don’t use vacuums. We utilize our patented invention using surface tension. When you turn the ball in, the rubber gently squeezes down onto the surface of the ball. It should hold for a minimum of 45 seconds and could last as long as 24 hours as we have seen before.

How long will the cones last?

A long time! There is nothing under the ball for the bat to be pulling and tearing through. Our elastic rubber doesn’t take near the beating that some other tees do. So because of its longevity that we have already seen, we really don’t know how long they will last on average because our customers haven’t been calling in to replace them yet.

Why are they so expensive?

Although our tees are simple to the naked eye, it is no easy process to build one of our awarded tees. We make everything here in THE USA. Including bending the pipe, conditioning the aluminum, welding, and applying our protective coating. Don’t forget about the hand wrapped cones as well. Trust us, you don’t want this inverted tee to be made of plastic or rubber. You want it to be as stable as possible. So because of this, it takes a lot more material than a normal tee does. About 4 times the amount actually. So we could use cheaper metal that would dent if you threw it into your truck too hard, or struck it with a bat, but we chose not too. We only want you to have to purchase this tee once.

Will the cones slow down my exit speed?

No. Our test show that anyone hitting the ball over 50 mph has no trouble hitting it that hard off our tees. What we see mostly is very young kids slowing down their swings, or chopping at the ball which deflects energy away from the ball being hit as hard. Most of this can be age related. We have had balls hit over 110 mph off of our tees. Just keep swinging hard!

Will the tee hold its height?

This is a major improvement in the design itself that is not seen in all tees. Our clamping system on our pro models and pin system on our standard models won’t allow for the tee height to move up or down while in use. Set it up where you want, and take all the swings you want without the hassle of re-adjusting in between swings.

Isn‘t this teaching to hit the bottom of the ball? Isn’t that pop ups?

We are showing you the full 2/3 to 3/4 of the ball. You could still hit hard ground balls off this tee if you wanted to. Popping the ball up is an extreme mis hit that can happen on any tee. The player is not focusing in on the correct part of the ball or is taking the wrong swing path for any mishits to occur. We are aiming for line drives, which are hit in the air! Just below the equator.

But ground balls make the defense work? Why would I want to hit the bottom half of the ball? Why are your guys swinging up on the videos?

Line drives are hit high enough to get over the infield. The ball comes down through the hitting zone, this means that to be on path we need to be swinging on path as the ball. This may appear as more up than we are used to seeing, but it’s simply on path.

I’ve been teaching to hit the top half of the ball, why is this better?

Statistics show that line drive hitters produce the most runs, best batting averages, and best on base percentage. Fly balls although lack only a little in batting average compared to ground balls, still score more runs per hit. Ground balls might get you on by fielding errors or hitting the gaps if you are lucky, but fly balls and line drives score those runners more often than ground balls. Please remember that line drives are balls hit in the air on a lower line than fly balls, they are more closely related than ground balls to line drives are.

The Backspin Tee


Interchangeable Threaded Cone (Baseball/Softball)


Anti-Rotation Rail So Your Tee Never Loses Its Height After Use


High Strength Chromali Tubing


1/4″ Steel Base Plate


Laser Cut Carrying Handle

*Pro Model Pictured

The Backspin Tee is designed to change the way a hitter looks at the baseball. Practicing the proper location to strike the baseball is essential.

You want optimal backspin, for optimal distance. And our baseball tee is how you get it every time. Just keep your eye on the ball, and let our baseball hitting tee do the rest.

Developed by a Professional Pitching Coach, The Backspin batting tee forces you to focus on the middle and bottom half of the baseball. The middle and bottom half of the baseball is the part professional pitchers don’t want you to hit, because hitting that part of the baseball means backspin, which equals distance, and distance creates champions!

Traditional hitting tees are designed to prop the baseball up forcing you to focus on the top of the baseball, while simultaneously obscuring the most important part of the baseball. That’s two reasons why professional pitchers love traditional batting tees, because hitting the top of the baseball forces the baseball down into the ground.

“Pro pitchers want to get batters out as soon as they can, and that is why majority of the pitch locations are designed to be at the lower half of the strike zone, where hitters have a harder time getting to the bottom half of the ball, which makes more ground balls”- Jarrett Gardner, Professional Pitching Coach.

All baseballs hit through and out of the infield are projected off the baseball bat at the middle or bottom half of the baseball creating backspin. The baseball will project into the air of the baseball bat at a higher angle, and depending on how hard you hit it will travel its furthest distance.

But you already knew that. You have always known that.

Remember when you played Tee-ball or practiced for little league, using a traditional batting tee, and occasionally you swung and hit the batting tee instead of the ball. Some would say you took your eye of the ball, and got sloppy, but I’m willing to bet you knew even at that age the most important part of the baseball was the bottom of the baseball.

But the shaft of that traditional hitting tee was always in the way. And every time you hit it too hard you had to pick it back up.

The Backspin Tee has no shaft under the baseball, which means the baseball is released off the baseball bat at contact without any tipping over of the batting tee. Even mishits above the baseball only rotate the batting tee which is easier managed than bending down to pick it up.

Saving time and frustration.

And of course the height of The Backspin Tee can be adjusted for desired location of practice within the hitting zone.

So let The Backspin Tee maximize your potential from home plate to homerun.

Now, keep your eye on the ball, and let our batting tee do the rest.